Diane Keaton supports Woody Allen saying, ‘I believe in him’!

Diane Keaton supports Woody Allen saying, 'I believe in him'!

Despite his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow’s accusations that he has molested her as a child, Diane Keaton has expressed her support for Woody Allen.

Diane has taken to Twitter to send a message of supporting the actor as well as director, who has often used Diane as his muse through decades of working together and most famously on ‘Annie Hall’. Diane wrote, “Woody Allen is my friend and I continue to believe him. It might be of interest to take a look at the 60 Minute interview from 1992 and see what you think.” She has also linked an interview in the tweet. Woody was accused of child molestation by his daughter Dylan Farrow and the allegations first surfaced in 1992 when Dylan was just 7 during a custody battle between Woody and his ex Mia Farrow.

Diane Keaton supports Woody Allen saying, 'I believe in him'!

Diane and Woody have remained close and most recently, Allen has ventured out to the West Coast to pay homage to his longtime muse in June at the 45th Annual AFI Life Achievement Award ceremony. While introducing Diane at the event, Woody said, “The minute I met her, she was a great, great inspiration to me. Much of what I’ve accomplished in my life I owe, for sure, to her. Seeing life through her eyes. She really is astonishing. This is a woman who is great at everything she does.”

Dylan has also talked about the alleged abuse in her interview about the allegations with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King. She has recalled what she claims happened while her adoptive mother Mia was out for shopping that day. Dylan has said, “I was taken to a small attic crawl space in my mother’s country house in Connecticut by my father.” She recounted that he has instructed her to lay down on her stomach and play with her brother’s toy train. She continued that he sat behind her in the doorway and as she played with the toy train, she was sexually assaulted, as a 7-year-old she would say that he has touched her private parts.