Rob Kardashian has tweeted about missing himself!

When a fan said that they missed him, Rob Kardashian has shared a piece of himself.

The 30-year-old reality star has responded to the tweet from a fan who has shared a gif of him holding his new nephew Mason when Mason was just a baby. His fan has tweeted, “I miss u so much Rob,” to which he has responded by saying, “Me too,” with a blue heart emoji. The father of one has been staying out of the spotlight following his split from the mother of his child, Blac Chyna. Although he doesn’t post photos of himself very frequently, he has shared photos as well as clips of his 14-month-old daughter Dream.

In the mid-January, his followers got to catch him up when he has shared the videos of his daughter during some bonding time as she has sucked on her purple bottle and moved to the dance music that was playing in the background. He has also added some kiss emojis emerging from Dream’s head like a halo. His fans were so quick to send him words of encouragement with one writing, ‘Keep your head up @robkardashian you’ll be back’ while the other has said, ‘I feel the comeback will be strong, don’t give up’. One of his followers has commented, ‘You’re still you!!!! You’re just on your journey to your best self. Own it that you’re the strongest out of any of your family. Love you, Rob!!!’

Rob Kardashian has tweeted about missing himself!

The former stripper Blac has claimed that the Kardashian family was responsible for the cancellation of her show and has filed a lawsuit against them in October last year. Blac has accused that the Kardashians has used their ‘fame, wealth and power’ for undermining her TV career. An insider in December has told PEOPLE, “He only cares about [daughter Dream] and loves spending time with her, but that’s about it. He doesn’t seem excited about anything else.” Kardashians have denied the allegations on January 1 brought by Chyna who has accused Rob of physical abuse in April last year.