Jordan Peele reveals special place for his Oscars

Jordan Peele reveals special place for his Oscars

The “Get Out” director has got a unique location to place his Oscar.

Jordan Peele, who has won Academy Award for the best original screenplay on Sunday and has made history as the first African-American to do so, has revealed that he keeps his award right near one of the most iconic props from his award-winning movie. He has shared a photo of his new gold trophy standing face-to-face with the Emmy Award, he has won for Key & Peele in 2016.

The 39-year-old star has jokingly captioned the shot, “This is exactly what it looked like watching my wife give birth.” Last summer, he has welcomed his son Beaumont Gino with his 40-year-old wife Chelsea Peretti.

In the background, a brown leather chair similar to the one Chris sat in before he was hypnotized into the Sunken Place, was noticed by the fans. Jordan has confirmed, “Btw that IS the GET OUT chair,” to a fan who thought that it was a look-a-like. After the Oscars ceremony, he has not only celebrated his victory with his wife but he also has celebrated it with his former Key & Peele partner Keegan Michael Key.

He has told The Hollywood Reporter that he didn’t know it was ever going to get made. The director has shared, “I would watch this movie in my head, this movie that I wish somebody would write for me to watch and that was it.”

Jordan has earlier talked to PEOPLE about his post-nomination phone call with Whoopi Goldberg— who he has remembered watching win her Oscar when he was 12 in 1991. Before the telecast of the 90th Annual Academy Awards, he has recalled that it was an emotional call for him.

Jordan shared, “She said that my call made her happy because she sometimes put things out into the world and doesn’t know where they land. It was a full circle moment for me. It was one for her as well.”