Liam Payne addresses breakup rumors with Cheryl Cole

Liam Payne addresses breakup rumors with Cheryl Cole

The former One Direction singer won’t let the rumors to drag him down.

In an interview, Liam Payne has addressed the reports that he and his long-time girlfriend Cheryl Cole are on the edge of their separation. In his cover story for London’s ES Magazine, he has said that the funniest thing was a week before they were getting married and the next week they are splitting up and the thing for him is, he just likes to think they are somewhere in the middle.

He has shared, “You know, we have our struggles. The most important thing that Liam has said is that they ‘go through them together as a family.’ The 24-year-old Liam and the 34-year-old Cheryl first met when he was auditioned for 2008’s “The X Factor”— where she was a judge on the U.K. singing competition.

They began dating in 2015 and have welcomed their son, Bear in March 2017. At the 2018 Brit Awards, during their rare public appearance in February— where Liam has performed his “Fifty Shades Freed” song “For You” with Rita Ora— the “Bedroom Floor” crooner as well as the former “Girls Aloud” star has slammed their split rumors.

The couple has even shared a sweet kiss on the red carpet. Liam has told the outlet about his and pop star’s rough patch, saying that this part of their relationship was not going to happen. Liam refers Cheryl as his ‘missus’ and has said that he feels ‘very fortunate’ to be dating a woman who understands the music industry as “I don’t think anybody else could take it.” Cheryl has previously told the BBC that she is not frustrated by the rumors and has said, “It doesn’t bother me.” The two have agreed that their son should be kept out of the spotlight.