Jenna Jameson shares nude throwback pregnancy shot

Jenna Jameson shares nude throwback pregnancy shot

The 43-year-old star has shared a nude throwback picture of herself during pregnancy in the nod to her daughter’s first birthday on Saturday.

Jenna Jameson has posted the shot on her Instagram Story without caption on Friday but none was needed as she lay in round bathtub nude, with her breasts covered by her hands while heavily pregnant.

She has shared the snaps of herself cuddling her tiny tot Batel Lu close after she has welcomed her on 7th April of last year. The mother of three has posed nude in her bathtub before giving birth to her daughter.

In one shot, Jenna was seen kissing her little girl’s forehead while in the hospital bed after giving birth while her daughter curled on her mother’s chest and was sleeping donning a small beanie.

In an Instagram series, she has shared some more pictures, giving a sweet tribute to her daughter. She captioned, “Happy first birthday my beautiful Batel. We’ve completed our first time around the sun together… I can’t wait for our future trips. I waited so long for you my little angel, thank you for making me a better woman.”

In another shot, she has shared a selfie of herself holding Batel while she was sleeping, covered up by a white blanket. She has shared a black and white photo of herself in which she has posed with her growing belly in a long dress while her body arts were on display.

Jenna shares her 1-year-old daughter Batel with her fiancé Lior Bitton and has 9-year-old twin sons—Journey Jette and Jesse Jameson from her previous relationship. Most recently, she has posted a photo of herself in which she has posed nude alongside Batel with an inspiring message to her fellow-mom followers.

Jenna has said that she and some of the most inspiring mothers have joined together for celebrating the beauty of postpartum and the incredible things their amazing bodies do and has revealed that whenever she looked into the mirror, she feels pride.