KKW Fragrance bottle comes in shape of Kim Kardashian’s body

KKW Fragrance bottle comes in shape of Kim Kardashian's body

When the next KKW Fragrance of the 37-year-old reality star releases in May, one will gets able to add the star’s favorite curves to their vanity.

Kim Kardashian West— who has continuing to build her aroma brand with a scent known as KKW Body launching next month— has used her own body as an inspiration for the product’s packaging. In her cover story for Business of Fashion, Kim has revealed, “The next fragrance I have coming out in May, KKW Body is so amazing. It is a sculpture, basically, of my body.” She has said, “It’s cool. The scent is so good; I’m so proud of it. It smells to me like what I would think golden smells like, even though that’s a color and something that’s luminous.”

Since the release of her KKW Beauty brand in last June and her separate KKW Fragrance brand, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has cut back on her involvement in her other projects so she can concentrate on beauty.

With more than 200 million fans on social media platform, Kim has used each of the platforms for various things, but most importantly, polling her followers for what they want to see with her beauty brands.

The beauty mogul had said that the thing about her brand is if she sees a lot of people that don’t like something she loves to change it, referencing when fans complained that her KKW Beauty contour sticks didn’t involve enough product.

She has shared, “With Twitter, I communicate with people the most.” As for Snapchat and Instagram, the mother of three likes to use those platforms for taking pretty selfies and flaunted her mood as well as personality.

Kim exclaimed, “Snapchat has the best filters, so I’m always using their filter, their camera for posting. With Instagram, it’s this, like, mood for me. I’ll post how I’m feeling, what I want to do, what I do.”

She has said that’s her mood if she is in Japan she will put in all these inspo pics and just, that’s her vibe of what she is feeling that week and thinks that’s a good insight into her personality and what she is feeling.