Carla Hall admits since Mario’s firing ‘The Chew’ hosts “get closer”

Carla Hall admits since Mario's firing 'The Chew' hosts
Image Source: Bravo TV

The daytime cooking show “The Chew” has gone from having five hosts to three in less than a year and this change has affected the remaining stars.

In December, Mario Batali was fired from the show following sexual misconduct accusations and Daphne Oz has announced her departure before that in August. Now, Carla Hall has told PEOPLE that with only herself, Michael Symon and Clinton Kelly on set, “nobody can hide.” She has explained, “With three people, you really can’t say, ‘Okay, those four will take care of it.’” The author of the upcoming cookbook, “Carla Hall’s Soul Food”, has said that one has to be engaged, and she thinks they have become closer as even when one has a cooking segment, and it’s the three of them, everybody is joining in, and it has been so much fun as they have had to raise the energy.

Carla has admitted that while all five hosts “were such good friends,” the remaining three are still having a blast, joking and laughing with each other from the start of the day. She has said that in the makeup room, Michael will come in and he’s talking to his dad or his mom on the phone every morning, and he will have a story.

Carla says, “So, we know that during segment one, if Michael stands up, I want you to know at home, you’re in for an excellent story.” The chef has added that there are no plans to bringing in a new host to her knowledge.

As per Carla, they are going to keep it at three and what they have found is that it leaves room for when they have guests. She has said, “You know, things happen in life and so we make lemonade. We get in there, and we’re in it together.”

“The Chew” cohosts addressed that Mario’s absence from the show in December by reading a statement to the audience after multiple women have accused him of sexual harassment. The next day, ABC has announced that they were terminating their relationship with Mario and that he would be leaving the show.