Farrah Abraham and Sophia sips $150 Apple Juice along with Gold Flakes

Farrah Abraham and Sophia sips $150 Apple Juice along with Gold Flakes

The former “Teen Mom OG” star and her daughter Sophia’s high life.

Farrah Abraham shared pictures of her vacay in Dubai alongside her nine-year-old daughter— including one image of Sophia enjoying a gold-flaked apple juice which was posted to her Instagram’s account. S per Lovin Dubai, the bottle of juice worth $150 a bottle. The caption reads, “@burjalarab this should never end 🇦🇪.” The mother-daughter duo sip on the specialty drink at the top of the Burj Al Arab— one of the most luxurious hotels in the world— at the Skyview Bar one day before Farrah’s 28th birthday.

In the second post, a clip shared to Sophia’s Instagram, Farrah was heard saying: “Some bright apple in a gold bottle for Miss. Sophia. They have some great sparkling juices here with real gold in it. Sophia, do you think it’s gotten to be an obsession with your sparkling juice?” The video’s caption reads, “The best tea time ever! @skybardubai @burjalarab I’m about my bubbly juice with Gold flakes in it! 🇦🇪😇 #ilovemylife #dubai #teatime #ramadan#jbr #mydubai.”

The 27-year-old mother of one has also shared a shot of herself and her daughter smiling at the camera while enjoying lunch. Farrah captioned the picture, “The one the only @sophialabraham kiddo to have the best tea in all of Dubai the gold juice for kids will never be forgotten! Cheers with the best champagne in the world 🇦🇪.”

The former MTV star enjoyed a vacay in Fiji earlier this month— where she and her daughter stumbled across the set of “Survivor.” Her birthday celebration comes two months after she has settled a lawsuit with Viacom— parent company of MTV. She has claimed that she was fired because of her decision to work in the adult entertainment industry.

Farrah has told PEOPLE, “I’m happy Viacom wanted to settle, and I’m thrilled with the outcome.” She has said that she did the right thing by filing a lawsuit and honestly felt that if she didn’t stand firm, she would have regretted it her entire life and would have thought her whole life ‘I should have sued!’