Jane Seymour reveals her beauty and style secrets

Jane Seymour reveals her beauty and style secrets

Jane Seymour has been feeling better at 67 than ever.

PEOPLE has found Jane’s new exclusive interview, and her beauty secret is not very hard to copy. By demonstrating the immediate effects herself, she has said: “I tell people that the best facelift on the planet is free. It’s a smile. The complete facelifts.” The former “Bond” girl has explained that keeping the skin healthy, eating right and exercising play key roles. She has admitted, “But if it doesn’t come from within, it won’t be visible on the outside.” The same motto applies to her style secrets. Jane has shared that she thinks to look stylish at any age one has to feel comfortable in their skin.

The Crepe Erase ambassador has exclaimed, “You have to feel that this is who you are.” She has said that at any age, including her age now, she always looks to see what suits best regarding cut and style and how she can make the most of the features that feels OK about and sort of hiding the ones.

In the video, the actress has also revealed some of the shopping tips, the magic product she swears by to maintain her glamorous, long waves [it’s the “single most important thing” in her kit!] and the body cream she loves so much that Jane even uses it on her face!

The mother of four— 36-year-old Katherine, 32-year-old Sean and twins, 22-year-old Kristopher and John— had posed for Playboy in a silky nightie and has revealed that she has been feeling “sexier now than I ever did when I was young.” Jane has exclaimed, “There’s enormous freedom in having lived as long as I have.” She has said that like her father used to say, she is comfortable in her skin; she is not trying to prove anything to anyone.