Chris Lambton and Peyton Lambton are expecting their second child

Chris Lambton and Peyton Lambton are expecting their second child

Mother of two!

On Tuesday, Peyton Lambton is expecting her second child with her husband Chris Lambton, she has announced on Instagram and her blog. The 35-year-old actress has shared a family picture of the couple and their 19-month-old daughter Lyla James and captioned, “Our team is expanding, and we couldn’t be more excited!!” Peyton added, “Baby Lambton will be here in December, and Lyla James is ready for her promotion to big sister! I’m sharing the full story on my blog. 👶 🤰🏼❤.”

In her blog post, “The Bachelor” season 10 contestant has explained that the couple has undergone in vitro fertilization to conceive Lyla and were about to do the same for their second baby when they have received a pleasant surprise. Peyton recalled that it’s funny how things work out.”

She has said in April, they went to visit their IVF clinic to find out the process for transferring one of their frozen embryos and they were lucky to have three frozen from her first retrieval in 2016. The mother-to-be has shared, “As I was waiting to start my cycle on April 19 found out I was pregnant! Yes, naturally! Talk about a complete shock. We tried for years to get pregnant the old-fashioned way, and it didn’t work. How in the world is it happening now?”

The family is going to “wait to be surprised” as far as the gender of their baby goes and are extremely excited for their new addition, but the actress has admitted there have been some downsides too. Peyton has explained, “I have been sick as a dog, but I am finally coming around as we just passed the first trimester.” The expectant star has admitted that they can’t wait to see Lyla James as a big sister, she is so nurturing and loves taking care of her baby dolls, so she thinks and hopes that will transfer into a real baby.