Kylie Jenner reveals her post-baby body changes and insecurities

Kylie Jenner reveals her post-baby body changes and insecurities

New mama’s body has gone through various changes after welcoming her baby girl with her rapper beau Travis Scott.

On Friday, while answering some questions by fans with her BFF Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner opened up about how her body “bounced back super fast” since giving birth to her daughter Stormi in February, she has been struggling with her share of post-baby body insecurities. In a new video posted on her YouTube page, the reality star has remarked: “I feel like people think that I bounced back super fast, which I guess I did,” before adding, “people can get the wrong idea on Instagram sometimes.” Firing off a list of the most important ways her body has changed, Kylie has admitted: “My boobs are defiantly three times the size, which bothers me. I have stretch marks on my boobs. My stomach isn’t the same; my waist isn’t the same, my butt’s bigger, my thighs [are] bigger.”

She has revealed that she is finding she has to change her style a little as nothing in her closet fits her from before. After announcing in the video that she had “planned my first workout on Monday,” the makeup maven has said, “I really want to get my core back.” She has explained, “I feel like I have fake abs now, it’s just like, genetics. However, I want real abs. I know I can have a super fit body. Moreover, just for my health — I want to do this. I want to feel good.”

However, though watching her body “go through such a change” at her age was “physically, mentally, and emotionally a challenge,” Kylie admitted that it was “also a beautiful thing.” The 20-year-old “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star has given her fans a glance at her post-baby transformation seven weeks after her tiny tot’s arrival, sharing a video on Snapchat of herself wearing a lifted-up black hoodie which exposed her stomach.