Robert Pattinson Won’t Forgive Hollywood For Snubbing Good Time

Robert Pattinson Won’t Forgive Hollywood For Snubbing Good Time
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As the world is getting closer to the 91st Academy Awards, there has been a lot of concern regarding this. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have introduced a new Oscar category for “outstanding achievement in popular film” last week which faced a lot of backlashes and was a victim of mockery in Social Media. And on the other hand, Robert Pattinson (Water for Elephants) is still unhappy from the last season of Oscar snub of “Good Time.”

Pattinson’s Good Time (2017) is a gritty American crime movie that was awarded Palme d’Or nomination is pretty much unheard of was snubbed by the Academy Awards. It is kind of understandable why this movie didn’t receive an Oscar nomination or a Golden Globe nomination for best picture category.

The movies that get nominated for an Oscar is comprised of stories where characters grow on the screen like the coming-of-age movies like Call Me By Your Name and Ladybird. But overseeing Pattinson’s performance is a genuine failure in recognizing the actor’s acting prowess. This is why Pattinson revealed recently that he would never forgive Oscar for snubbing “Good Time.”

The characterization of Connie is top notch. Pattinson gives the audience a glimpse towards the ‘repulsive hero’ who makes illogical choices even at rock bottom and is mentally ill, but Connie is magical yet a bad person in every possible way. Connie even feels that he’s got superpowers. There is not a single feel-good moment about this film, and there is no redemptive virtue in the film either.

The film shows how Pattinson has evolved into a perfectly good actor and this movie has left the viewer with pain in their hearts. Robert won’t forgive Oscar as did deserve the credit of portraying the character Connie in the movie.