Meghan Markle went on a secret trip to meet her best friend

Meghan Markle went on a secret trip to meet her best friend
Image Source: Evening Standard

Meghan Markle is a popular named all around the world, and the Duchess of Sussex can be easily recognized anywhere. But the Suits former actress can still pull off trips to her near and dear ones in complete privacy. As reported by ABC news, Markle flew in a commercial flight to hang out with her best friend. It looks like MI6 and Scotland Yard couldn’t keep an eye on the world’s favorite Duchess.

The Duchess escaped her royal duties to go on a trip to Canada to meet Jessica Mulroney. The Duchess didn’t travel via a private jet rather she flew in a commercial airline.

Meghan reportedly spent and stayed at Jessica Mulroney and her better half Ben’s Toronto home. The Royal News contributor of ABC told that “They spent their days catching up, cooking together and, of course, playing with Jessica’s children, who love their ‘Auntie Meg.’”

Markle and Mulroney reportedly met when Meghan was a part of Suits’ star-cast. The meet wasn’t only confined to them. During this secret visit, Meghan also paid visits to many of her old pals. This vacation came at the perfect time. From the fall of 2018, Markle will start continuing her official duties, and she would go on a tour with her husband Prince Harry to Australia and New Zealand.

Meghan, Ben, and Jessica have a long history together, and they have been the closest of friends with each other even though they have busy lives and they are quite the achievers. The couple Jessica and Ben were spotted in the front row of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding. And as a matter of fact, their sons were part of the wedding and took an active role of page boys while their daughter served as the bridesmaid to Meghan.