Matthew McConaughey revealed how he rescued and saved his son from Mountain Ram

Matthew McConaughey revealed how he rescued and saved his son from Mountain Ram
Image Source: ¡HOLA! USA

Matthew McConaughey once had come face to face with a wild mountain ram, and he had to toss his son Levi, who was then 6-month-old, to a height of 15 feet to save him. On an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the True Detective actor told his wild story this Tuesday.

The wild story of McConaughey surfaced during the “True Confessions” round. In the game of True Confessions, McConaughey told Jimmy Fallon, and Tarik Trotter from The Roots who were taking turns in revealing the random fact surrounding their lives and they were seemingly interrogated by the other players who were trying to figure out if the facts were all true or were simply made.

According to The Lincoln Lawyer actor McConaughey, he was enjoying a family picnic with his wife Camila Alves and his eldest son along with their pet dog at the Grand Canyon. Out of nowhere, an “alpha” mountain ram came into sight. Camila Alves successfully managed to scatter down the edge of the Canyon to avoid the wild ram, but McConaughey was trapped.

What Matthew first did was he tossed his dog who was growling at the ram. And that is when he took an attempt to save his 6-month-old baby boy to Alves. He explained, “I had to after I had already got rid of the dog, I had to launch Levi through the air for my wife to catch so we didn’t get rammed off the edge.”

The Dark Tower star then tried grabbing the branch of a tree to protect himself but could only find a week little cherry blossom bush, and he allegedly tried another tactic. He recalled, “I squared off and tried to go as Yoda as I could with this ram and just say, ‘Not me, whatever it is.”

McConaughey’s tactic worked, and the ram was scampered off.