Kim Kardashian’s former bodyguard sued by her insurance company

Kim kardarshian, insurance company
img source: Entertainment tonight

The insurance company that allegedly paid Kim Kardashian West after Kiki was robbed of millions of dollars’ value of jewellery two years ago in Paris is reportedly suing Kim’s former bodyguard.

AIG, also known as American International Group has reportedly filed a lawsuit this Wednesday in Delaware in opposition to Pascal Duvier and his security company, Protect Security to seek a sum of $6.1 million according to the documents showed in court.

The insurance company has claimed that Duvier along with his security firm carelessly, negligently, or/and recklessly performed their job to provide security, inspection, protection, monitor and survey related to Kim Kardashian West along with the private apartment where Kardashian West was staying in Paris in October 2016 for Paris Fashion Week according to the allegation.

The American International Group said in a document that the security guards left Kim Kardashian West all alone in her room and allegedly they failed to address and mend numerous breaches in security which also includes broken or missing lock, the absence of closed-circuit television in the building and a malfunctioned intercom. The company has also claimed that the building’s attendant “did not have any security training and background neither did he possess the security prowess.”

Kim Kardashian West was held at gunpoint and was reportedly robber with an estimated amount of $10 million in jewellery and cash; five men dressed as police officers came to Kardashian West’s resting place and robbed her according to the French Interior Ministry.

The prosecutor office in Paris told that a piece of jewellery, a ring which had an estimated value of 4 million euros back in 2016 and the contents of the jewellery box had an estimated value of 5 million euros got stolen.

The source who is very much familiar with this incident told CNN that the security detail of Kardashian West was in the company of her sisters in a nightclub when the robbery was taking place, but this not specifically revealed that the security detail was Duvier.