Christina Aguilera Shaded Over Madonna & Britney Spears’ VMAs Kiss

Christina Aguilera Shaded Over Madonna & Britney Spears’ VMAs Kiss
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The MTV Video Music Awards is forever indebted to Britney Spears and Madonna, the kiss between the two legendary pop stars is already written in the pages of Music History. But that isn’t the only thing that happened in the fateful night. The VMAs’ history book has left out something very much important, and that is Britney Spears isn’t the only one who kissed Madonna that night, Christina Aguilera allegedly kissed Madonna as well. Rather than airing the passionate moment between Aguilera and Madonna, MTV opted to get a glimpse of Justin Timberlake’s reaction to the kiss.

Recently, Christina Aguilera met up with Andy Cohen, the host of SiriusXM radio show, Radio Andy. In the show, Cohen asked Aguilera the only question which still revolves in the minds of many of her fans for a decade and a half, and Cohen asked her whether it bugs Aguilera that MTV had cut away her kiss? To which Aguilera revealed that it was sort of weird.

She said they cut it away to get the reaction of Justin Timberlake and it was nothing but Justin’s reaction shot. The Genie in a Bottle pop star explained that Spears and Timberlake at that time, they broke up as Spears cheated on Timberlake for which Justin Timberlake wrote and sang the song ‘Cry me a River’ with a Britney Spears lookalike. Aguilera called his move a very cheap shot.

Aguilera said, “That’s annoying to me because I don’t think people realise she made out with both of you that day.” And the next day when Aguilera peeped into a newspaper she recalled ‘oh, well, I guess I got left out of that one.’ The rumoured beef between Aguilera and Spears is a longstanding one and spans up to their Mouseketeer days even before they turned into pop sensations. It is not the first time that Aguilera has shaded Britney Spears for the 2003 VMAs kiss.