Linda’s Journey from amateur makeup artist to the inventor of the Smokey eyes trend

Linda, smokey eye trend
image source: Fashionista

Breaking in into the world of movie-making, beauty, and art and finding success is a much-heard kind of story but they rarely happen in life. In the industry, hard work and skill can only set one’s future to the ultimate zenith.

Cantello is the most successful makeup artist of this era, and still, she does not seem to think much of her story. According to her statement, it is clear that she thinks that she is capable enough of withstanding the competition in the market and performing quite well and she said that she does not care about what anyone thinks of her.

With the confident look, she has she needs no anxiety to be captured by people anywhere as she is not much obsessed with the panic culture for the stories of the Instagram. Moreover, she does not seek anyone’s attention as she is all well-focused with her works that can simply drive someone crazy about the personality she has. She said that she did not know the makeup. She was restricted by her mother in a small age to get the makeup products.  The only product she has was a blue eyeshadow. She managed to get a brown shade by mixing that blue one with the foundation. This was the mere starting of her journey towards the field of beauty and makeovers.

When later on she came to New York she was convinced that the lifestyle and the vogue of the city are just infectious. She made the utmost try to enhance the skills she had in her brushes as well as also tried to showcase her works and with the passage of time she managed to play well with the skills and the experience she has. This is how she got into this field.