Hazel E said Katt Williams ran off with her money

Hazel E said Katt Williams ran off with her money
Image Source: BET.com

It has been some days only for Katt Williams who came for the neck on Instagram in which Hazel E is said to be finally clapping back as well as setting the record straight.

It has been seen that Love and Hip Hop star was stressed that she is not worried about the world or their thoughts for her and how they see her. She said that earlier she use to care about the people who thought about me and one day came when I tried to pay the bill with the help of their opinions. That was the final day, and after that, it went off the rails. She added by saying that on the page of Instagram someone has commented about her in a bad way along with the allegations.  

After this all, it has been seen that Hazel has now revealed about her ex-boyfriend. She added by saying that if he stays out of jail for about 72 hours, then she is not going back with no Bigg. She said that since the August 2016, she had not spoken with him and at that time he ran away with her money.  If the FBI would have come to my house or my mother house looking for him for unpaid taxes but at that time she would have taken his meds and get relax.

As per previous reports, it has been seen that Emmy winner has recently spilt some of the serious things about Hazel in which it claims that she is atheist as well as ugly. It has also been reported that she is not happy to be a Black and too not happy as she has dated a murderer. He also accused Hazel of selling herself to the men in Dubai for getting some sexual favours.