Hair growth oil on crack | How I boost the 2019 V| Routine | Massage | Shelf life

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How Often should I apply? – Alternate days

2019 Hair Growth Oil Video
1 cup castor oil
1 cup olive oil
3 Sprigs of rosemary… Washed and then dried out with a radiator on in a boiler
1.5-2 Avocado mashed or cubed
2 tsp fenugreek seeds
1/2 Carrots Grated
8 Drops of Sweet Orange and Rosemary Essential Oil
Optional 1 tsp henna

2019 Boosted hair growth oil
To prolong shelf life – Substitute fresh avocado and carrot with, Avocado and carrot oil
add a teaspoon of nigella seeds
1 tsp ashwaganda
1/2 tsp of msm and increase after a week or two
1/2 tsp vitamin C
3 teaspoons of black seed oil (smell is pungent – optional)

Original Hair Growth Oil Video –
4 Ingredient growth oil –
How to use growth oil –
Vitamin C To take with it
Further reading in MSM –
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